So You've Decided to Elope...Now What??

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You've decided to celebrate your marriage in the best way - the one that is most authentically YOU. I absolutely ADORE intimate weddings & elopements, and think they are the perfect way to ensure that your dream of a perfect day doesn't become lost in the chaos that is a traditional wedding. So you've got the fiancé(e), you've got the sparkly where do you start on this whole planning adventure?? Let me help guide you on the AMAZING adventure that is planning your adventure elopement in Missouri.

STEP ONE - Choose Your Missouri Elopement Photographer

Couples who choose a traditional wedding day typically choose their venue & date first, but I always encourage my eloping couples to make documentation of their day a priority! When you aren't inviting vast quantities of people to your wedding day, you are left with MUCH more freedom when it comes to date & location. I STRONGLY encourage you to look to hire your photographer first! I am here to help ensure that your day is captured in the best & most authentic way possible, and that's easiest to do when I'm able to be there for you from the beginning.

Once of the excitement of your day is over, your images & video will be all you have left to remember you adventure by. Choosing a photographer/videographer that you enjoy can make or break the magic of your day! For each of my clients, I choose to invest myself fully. When you book with me, you are booking not only your photographer, but your own personal guide through the wilderness that is planning an elopement! I will help you choose the perfect location for your elopement, offer vendor recommendations based on your chosen location, and be there to celebrate every special moment along the way. On your elopement day, you get not only me, but ALSO another trusted adventure buddy along for the ride! We will capture both photo and video through every sweet moment of the amazing adventure that is your elopement. The photos & video that I will deliver after your elopement day will be a time capsule to transport you back to your favorite day ever, for years to come. I am here for YOU from start to finish (and in all the years to follow!), and I would have it no other way❤️

STEP TWO - Select Your Elopement Date & Location

Now we start getting into the nitty-gritty details! What kind of landscape is your favorite? Would you prefer a backdrop of fall foliage, spring flowers, or a vibrant summer prairie? Choose ONE aspect that means the most to you, be that the exact location you'd like, or the time of year, and we'll work from there to create your perfect day! Missouri has a wide range of options to choose from, and I'll help you pick the one that suits YOU & your dream day best! Need a bit of inspiration? Here are just a few of your MANY options❤️



STEP THREE - Fill Your Day With Elopement Activities

There is no shortage of activities you can pack into your elopement day, and the best part of choosing an elopement is that we can curate a day that is totally customized to YOU. Want to feel like your loved ones are included in your day? Read some notes from them before your ceremony! Are you a sucker for a good, old-fashioned ice cream date? We can fit that in before sunset! Here are just a FEW ideas of what we can do to make sure your elopement adventure is most authentically YOU.

  • Wake up & watch the sunrise together before getting dressed
  • Get brunch at your favorite restaurant
  • Take a hike (to your ceremony location, or just for fun!)
  • Go kayaking on a nearby lake
  • Read letters from loved ones
  • Plan a picnic at your ceremony location
  • Go on a cave tour
  • Take a helicopter ride
  • Play a round of mini golf before dinner
  • Get ice cream from a retro diner for dessert
  • Stay up late & watch the stars (astrophotography is my FAVE)

STEP FOUR - Hire Any Additional Vendors

Now that you know what you want to do when, it's time to hire those vendors! If you've chosen any extra activities that include things like guided tours, now is the time to get those helpful folks booked. And you definitely can't forget the lovely people that will be getting you all dolled up for your elopement! Don't forget about an officiant either (if you don't want me in my role as ordained minister on your elopement day, that is!). Need recommendations for ANY of the vendors you're looking to hire for your day? I'm here to help you choose the BEST Here are a few folks to keep in mind at this stage of the planning process❤️

  • Hair & makeup artists
  • Florists
  • Curated picnic creators
  • Outdoor recreation guides
  • Vacation planners
  • Helicopter pilots

Let's do this! I am SO stoked to capture your adventure.