Hey, I'm Marissa!

I'm a 20-something wife, momma, and self-proclaimed adventurer. I absolutely LOVE love, and I'm here to capture YOUR adventure! Oh and if you can't find me...I'm probably in the mountains.

My favorite thing in the WORLD is capturing people experiencing the best day of their lives, and getting to see them go on an adventure that is 100% THEM.

Included in EVERY Elopement

Personalized Location & Vendor Recommendations

We'll start with a general location & narrow it down from there! From the mountains to the desert, and from next-door to international, I have recommendations for it ALL. I'll help you with everything (including all those pesky permits!), so you have to worry about nothing. We'll plan out the adventure that best suits you & your love, and make sure you don't feel ANY stress in doing so!

Timeline Planning for YOUR Perfect Adventure

There's something different for everyone, and elopement days aren't excluded from that! Wanna be an early bird? We can get ready & hike in the dark, then get you hitched as the sun rises! Night owl more your thing? We can get ready with a good breakfast, adventure all day, and start your marriage as the sun sets! We can even close out your day with some photos under the stars. If you want your day to be even MORE epic, let's shoot for an all-day or two-day ordeal! I promise we can fill it with ALL the activities you love to do together.

Permit & Ordination Assistance

Public land can have some confusing rules! I'm here to help you navigate all of the requirements necessary to have your PERFECT day in the PERFECT place. Another bonus I have to offer you? I'm ordained! So there's no need to scramble to find someone just to sign your paperwork.

Access to Yours Truly...Whenever You Need Me!

I'm only an email, text, or Zoom call away! As long as I'm not asleep, you have my attention. Even if it's just because you're super stoked about your dress or the lodging you just booked, I am HERE FOR IT.

Two Friendly Tagalongs

That's right. You get me AND a trusted buddy along for every second of your day. While one of us is zeroing in on the sweet little details, the other will be off perched on the nearest ridge, making sure you get the hero shot of your DREAMS included in your gallery.

ALL Travel Fees

No one likes surprises...at least not when it comes to money! I want you to have the SMOOTHEST experience possible, and I think that starting our adventure together with complete transparency is the BEST way to accomplish that.

Your Favorite Photos (& Video!) EVER

From the tiniest of details to the most epic of landscapes, your gallery will have it ALL. And the little sprinkle of extra on top?? A Super-8 style video that highlights all of the sweet memories made on your adventure.

Every moment of your adventure is worth documenting.

I'm here to capture it for you.

Love Letters

S&J - 2.17.24

These photos are phenomenal!! John and I were crying once again (happy tears) just looking at them.

Thank you so much for working with us on our wedding day! We were pretty nervous, but you're such a warm person that it helped ease our nervousness and we had a wonderful time taking photos with you. I really appreciate your communication the day of and for getting in all of the photos we wanted. Having you there made the day go so smoothly, I can't express how much I appreciate your kindness and hard work.

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