I'm Marissa!

Everything is better when you know a bit about the person taking your photos, right?? Well in any case, I'll let you in on a little bit about me!

My home-base is in Mexico, Missouri with my husband (Ryan), our two dogs (Kiwi & Sable), and our two cats (Poca & Mesa). We're currently in the LONG process of finishing our house, but we love living life here! Our first baby, Dakota, was stillborn on May 19th, 2022. We wish we had him with us, but feel lucky to have such a special little angel. I'm currently pregnant with our rainbow, and due in mid-May!

I was born and raised in Mid-Missouri, but I have a passion for adventure that has led me both across the country, AND across the world! From New Zealand, Italy, and Alaska, to Colorado, Utah, and Washington, I've explored quite a bit...and I'm nowhere close to being finished! (In other words, take me with you on your adventures! ...you'll get some pretty rad photos along the way😉)

I want to tell



It is SO important to document your life. From the biggest moments to the smallest of details, every step of your journey makes you...well, YOU.

I want to be here for every milestone of your life. Let's go on this adventure together! I'll be here for every big moment, AND for every time you just need to take a moment to celebrate where you are.

Want to cozy up in your home with your family? You got it! Feel like taking me on a tour across your farm and getting some pics in while we're at it? I'm all for it! Completely out of location ideas, but want to make sure you get to go on a bit of an adventure? I'm your girl!

You ready to do this thing?? Contact me!