St. Louis, MO - July 1st, 2021

Lea & I met while both attending the School of Natural Resources at Mizzou, and became fast friends. Though Lea & I have taken very different paths since graduation (hello me doing nothing that has to do with my degree and her basically living it out to the extreme😉), we've both come to realize that this friendship is certainly worth hanging onto.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, and Lea's husband, Jake, had just accepted a position in Boston! This was an absolutely fabulous opportunity for them both, but it did come with the caveat of leaving the sweet little home that they worked so hard to make their own in St. Louis. I just couldn't let them leave without a snuggly session with some of their favorite activities (and their cute pups, of course!), and I think you'll agree that we made some magic happen.