Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Centralia, MO - June 26th, 2021

I was ecstatic when Abby reached out to me about documenting her and Rafe's wedding. I spent several years living with her sister-in-law at the Mizzou Christian Campus House, and I knew that if they were anything like each other...this wedding was going to be a special one. And boy WAS IT.

Abby & Rafe's love was evident throughout every giddy moment before, during, & after their ceremony. Their wedding served as both a celebration AND a farewell as they prepared to embark on a journey to their new home in California, and I think both they and their loved ones would agree that they couldn't have asked for a better send-off. From their sweet, traditional ceremony to their rambunctious reception, their personality oozed out of every detail! To top it all off, the sky decided to put on a show at's almost like Missouri was saying farewell, too.